GCE A-Levels

A-Levels at Southlands will be phased out by June 2015. Southlands Academy for GCE A-level studies an opportunity to continue with general education after GCSEs at Southlands International School in Rome.

Within Southlands Academy, you have a local centre for post-16 studies and will not have to make a long and exhausting journey in order to continue your education. By progressing naturally to Southlands Academy, you will build on the excellent foundation you have already achieved in preparation for your future profession and will not experience the ‘dislocation’ that can often follow a change of school. If you are thinking of joining us for A-level studies, you will be made to feel really welcome, and you will quickly feel at home in the positive, caring family community that is Southlands International School in Rome.

Southlands Academy Key Stage 5 (for 16 to 18 year old students) offers GCE A-level courses (incorporating AS and A2) because they are widely regarded as the Gold Standard of British education. Some university courses stipulate specific A-level subject qualifications to embark on certain specialist degrees, particularly leading to dentistry, veterinary and medical qualifications.

Opting to take GCE A-level qualifications at Southlands Academymeans you keep your options open for your future. You will achieve the necessary qualifications which will enable you to move on to the Higher Education phase – applying to study at university - and also gain qualifications which will make your CV attractive to a future employer.

All A-level courses comprise two discrete qualifications, Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A2), which together make up a full A level. In Year 12, students generally study four subjects at AS level, providing great flexibility and a wide range of choice over which educational and career path to pursue. In Year 13, students will usually concentrate on three or four subjects at A2.

Both AS levels and full A levels earn UCAS (the UK University and Colleges Admissions Service) points in proportion to the grade achieved. Entry into university is determined by the total number of UCAS points earned, as well as by full A level grades. Our staff atSouthlands Academy are always happy to discuss and review with you and your parents the demands, benefits and challenges of different A-Level options, and to help you with any decisions that you might need to make.

Some of you know, we already have an outstanding team of teachers who have a vast range of experience. The team will also assist you in the UCAS process to ensure that you are able to have every opportunity to progress to the University or Higher Education College of your choice.

The A-level programme at Southlands Academy is designed to help you to develop the necessary skills to cope successfully with work at Advanced level and subsequently at university. A-level students will enjoy greater autonomy and more space to organise their own studies, interests and activities. You will be encouraged to balance academic work with extra-curricular activities, and we anticipate the positive impact our responsible A-level students will have on the rest of the school. You will be encouraged and supported to aspire to and achieve your highest level of academic potential; our effective tutorial system and small class sizes ensure you will benefit from the remarkable personalised attention you deserve.

The timetable will comprise five hours teaching time for each A level subject: a total of up to 20 hours weekly contact time with experienced specialist tutors. The remaining time may be allocated to private study or personal tutorials with individual teachers.

Non-contact study periods are essential at A-level, in order to complete supplementary reading, research and preparation: an invaluable component for success and we offer our Senior School Library to students for this.

Each A-level student will be assigned a tutor and there will be prescribed tutor time each week: to complete administrative tasks, and also an opportunity to discuss any academic, logistic or pastoral issues

If you like the sound of all this, why not arrange to spend some time with us, to find out what Southlands really feels like?