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Excellence in British Education

Top senior students are studying a slide in the science lab.
Excellence in British Education

At Southlands we aim to stimulate a lifelong passion for learning, encouraging every child to fulfill their academic, personal and professional goals.

Learning skills to last a lifetime

The British curriculum is based on the idea of developing transferable skills rather than simply memorising content for exams.

It provides a fun, practical, creative and interactive teaching and learning framework that focuses on encouraging students to become confident and independent thinkers. This way, they leave school with the capacity to successfully adapt to the demands of an ever-changing world.

The system prioritises decision-making and problem-solving skills, helping students to learn how to learn and teaching them to be intellectually agile and adaptable. 

Beyond the Classroom 

At Southlands we understand that learning does not only happen inside the classroom. We have a full programme of extracurricular activities, cultural excursions, exchange programmes, and active holidays designed to enrich the lives of our students, provide learning opportunities, and create lifelong memories. 

Continuous Assessment 

The English National Curriculum also employs a system of continuous assessment, which provides a detailed and ongoing overview of each student’s progress and development, instead of requiring an intense period of testing and examination at the end of each year. 

Class sizes are small, allowing our teachers to pay close attention to each individual student and to ensure their needs are appropriately met. We are able to devise clear learning pathways for each child and to plan the support and guidance they require to meet their academic and personal goals.

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