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Mission, Vision & Values

Class of students and the teacher applauding a student who has just completed a presentation.
Mission, Vision & Values

Our teaching staff and assistants strive every day to help our students fulfil their academic, professional and personal potential. 

Our mission is to ... 

prepare students to shape tomorrow through excellence in British education, with a global perspective.


Our vision is to ... 

give our students the skills they need to live successfully and happily in a world in which interconnection between countries becomes more important each day, and where academic and professional mobility opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

The students' needs as well as their academic and personal growth are paramount at Southlands. Students truly feel like they are part of a family. As a parent, I have no doubt that my children are receiving an excellent education and are becoming the best version of themselves. 

A values-based education

We believe that strong, successful learners are responsible and self-disciplined. However, these essential tools must be a part of a larger whole and we believe that everyone should embody the core values of the school if they are to be truly successful and go forward to enact positive change. 

Educational pillars

Studies suggest that 65 percent of students currently in Primary School will end up pursuing careers in completely new jobs that do not yet exist. This is the great challenge facing educators today. To meet this challenge we have created a stimulating and comprehensive curriculum, designed around four key pillars: