Early Years

Ages 3 and 4

By concentrating on the individual needs of each child, our aim is to develop their social skills by appropriate play within the peer group, and by learning to share with others. Courtesy, consideration and care for others are important elements in a child’s life, providing them with an excellent foundation for later years.

Practical tasks are centred on the ability to carry out instructions, to sit, listen, take turns and to participate in group activities.

There are periods within the day for structured tasks and for freedom to choose activities that provide opportunities for experimentation, exploration and creativity. These include painting, shape making with dough, playing with sand and water and all craft activities.

Children benefit from being members of a group, as this gives them a sense of belonging and security and helps them relate to other children.

All tasks and activities are adapted to suit the intellectual, emotional and social needs of the children and take place in small groups.