Remote Learning 

Following a decision by the Italian government to temporarily close all schools in Italy in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, distance learning is in effect for all of Southlands International School's students, from the Early Years to the Senior School.

Check out all of the highlights from our talented teachers and dedicated students during this period of remote learning. For any queries, the school offices are reachable via phone or email.

Discover virtual learning at Southlands


    Useful tips thanks to Mr Hough!

    As the government has decided to clamp down on leaving the home, more and more, you might want to have a browse around these websites to help keep your children actively learning new skills, whatever their age:

    BrainPop - offers animated movies on topics in maths, science and English

    Tynker - offers coding lesson for kids

    Creative Bug - offers craft lessons, from knitting to jewellery-making, drawing and origami

    YouTube's Free School - offers a range of videos looking at subjects as diverse as the US constitution, coral reefs and the solar system.

    Ted talks - offers a division called TED-Ed, full of "lessons worth sharing" from teachers around the globe.

    Encourage reading - World Book Online has just made their collection of 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home.

    Zoom or Skype - helps children stay in touch with their friends and allows a whole class to join at once for a ‘house party’

    And what if you want to just take a break from the computer? 

    Well, old classics like playing board games, learning an instrument, working out on the balcony or in the garden or baking together can be just as much fun too.

    Most importantly, keep talking, especially about the future and how much you will all appreciate normal life when it resumes again soon.

    Stuck for things to do?

    Over the past few weeks, students and their teachers have been getting to grips with online learning using platforms like Seesaw, Google Classroom and Google Meet, to name just a few, but what about the weekends?

    Let's keep active!

    Let's start with the Weekly Workout meeting- a fun and easy activity that we can all participate in each week.

    Share your pictures with us on Google Classroom, via or on social media using #SouthlandsYogis!

    Tips for mental wellbeing, off-screen activites and other fun ways to get through lockdown wil follow in the next weeks!

    Blues Music at Southlands!

    It's raining cats and dogs, and it makes me feel so sad,

    It's raining cats and dogs, and it makes me feel so sad,

    I can't go outside and play, and it's really bad.

    By Giacomo, Year 5

    I miss all my friends, I hope it ends soon,

    I want to see all my friends, I hope it ends soon,

    If that's not the case, we can go to the moon.

    By Miriam, Year 4

    We all miss our Southlands school,

    Yeah we really love our Southlands school,

    But they had to close the school – that's not cool.

    By Emma, Year 5

    I'm sitting at the table, trying to write this song,

    Yes I'm sitting at the table, trying to write this song,

    "I don't know what to write", I keep telling my mom.

    By Kai Thomas, Year 4

    #onlinelearning at Southlands International School

    Our Reception children continue learning with their online lessons.

    This is just an example: teachers are making a video showing their students how to plant a bean.

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