IB Diploma Programme

KEY STAGE 5Years 12 and 13
Ages 16 and 17
The programme is dynamic and expectations of students are incredibly high. Successful completion ensures that all of our students are; literate, numerate, scientifically adept, linguistically able and critically aware. Following the IB Diploma ensures students leaving Southlands for further education are in the best possible position to excel in any university course or career they choose.

The IB DP is an academically challenging and balanced curriculum, with final examinations that prepare students our students for success at university and beyond. At Southlands there are two routes of entry for International Baccalaureate courses:

  1. by completing the full IB Diploma Programme
  2. by completing IB courses

Students wanting to follow the full Diploma Programme will need to meet clear requirements to be considered for this excellent course.

Subject Options


Group title

Group Focus

Subjects offered


Studies in Language & Literature

(Near) native language

  • English A Literature SL/HL
  • Italian A Language & Literature SL/HL
  • Self-Study Literature in other language A SL


Language Acquisition

Foreign language (post-GCSE)

  • English B SL/HL
  • French B SL/HL
  • Italian B SL/HL
  • Spanish B SL*

Foreign language (beginner)

  • French ab initio SL*
  • Mandarin ab initio SL*
  • Spanish ab initio SL


Individuals & Societies


  • History SL/HL
  • Economics SL/HL
  • Philosophy SL*
  • Psychology SL/HL*




  • Biology SL/HL
  • Physics SL/HL



Highly Advanced Mathematics

  • Mathematics HL*

More Advanced Mathematics

  • Mathematics SL

Post-GCSE Mathematics

  • Mathematical Studies SL


The Arts & Electives

The Arts or another subject

  • Another subject from groups 2 & 3
  • A Self-Study Literature in other language A

The Core

The IB Diploma candidate must meet three additional requirements to be awarded the Diploma certificate:

● Submission of an Extended Essay

● Satisfactory completion of the Theory of Knowledge cCourse

● Satisfactory completion of the Creativity, Activity and Service programme