Another set of outstanding IB Diploma Results for Southlands

Today our graduating IB Diploma class received some absolutely outstanding results. It is a great privilege to be able to announce that all students surpassed the grades required for their first choice university destinations and will have freedom of choice in their next academic steps. Well done class of 2021!

Our students managed to build on previous IB Diploma success, obtaining the highest average score of any Southlands IB class with an impressive 36 points (2020 Global Average, 29 points). Within the Core, students produced outstanding pieces of work in Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay with 50% of students obtaining the top grade (A) for their 4000 word projects. Despite the added challenges of online and blended learning, we are particularly proud of how our students overcame the adversity of Covid to complete commendable and meaningful projects as part of their Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme.

Receiving long anticipated recognition for their hard work and resilience, these scores further confirm what we already know about the students at Southlands: they can and will be successful in highly competitive fields. As a school community, we also recognise that alongside these results our graduating class display humility, patience and kindness that will set them in good stead for anything the future holds.

"These results are testament to many hours of hard work and dedicated study, they also reflect the unstinting support given by teachers, and of course, the vital encouragement received at home from parents and extended family. I am so proud of these "best yet" results which really do show that Southlands British International School stands firmly alongside other much larger schools here in Rome and further afield in terms of academic achievement whilst also providing a home from home environment in which students find the space to grow into impressive young men and women." - Mrs. Del Federico, Principal

Over the coming days students will be deciding on where they want to go, with universities in London, Toronto, Rome, Copenhagen and Amsterdam among the options. We are overjoyed by their success and hope you will join us in congratulating our 10 graduates, wishing them the very best for their futures.

- Mr. Johnson
Head of Senior School