Back to school - keeping you safe at Southlands

I am delighted to welcome you and your children back to Southlands British International School for the academic year 2021/ 22. To our new families, I know that the Southlands community will welcome you with open hearts, and we all look forward to meeting you for the first time in the coming days.

As you will no doubt be aware, the Italian government has issued guidance to schools with the intention of keeping learning in presence as far as is possible, whilst also maintaining a rigorous approach to safety for all. We will be maintaining the approaches put in place last year, including taking temperatures on arrival in the car park. A detailed and updated description of our covid management protocol has been emailed to you. The key points are summarised below for you:

Covid Protocols Update
September 2021

Green Pass

Teachers: All staff will need to present a valid Green Pass in order to access the site.

Students: For all students aged 12 and over a Green Pass is required to access indoor facilities and many cultural sites, restaurants, inter regional travel etc. We are reviewing our plans for trips and residentials in light of this and will be in touch with more information in the weeks ahead.

Visitors: In line with the latest guidance, we are required to limit very strictly the people on site. We will therefore be continuing with the strict approach we implemented last year. All parent appointments and meetings should be online, fee payments should be made online, face to face meetings will not take place unless in exceptional circumstances. The exception to this is our onsite meeting for new joiners before term starts this Thursday. This will enable our new students and their parents to become familiar with the location of classrooms, entry and hometime procedures and meet the team before the full term time protocol is launched on Friday September 3rd.

Admission/ Prospective families: we will only allow visitors on site with a Green Pass, and children joining for taster days will be asked to provide a Green Pass or negative test results taken within 48 hours of the visit.

Social Bubbles

We will continue to operate social bubbles to reduce cross contact of students whilst at the same time facilitating social and curricular projects and collaborations.


As per the latest guidance from the Ministry of Education, classrooms will be set up with 1 m distance between children where possible. In Nursery, Reception and Year 1, children are not required to social distance. Teachers will however work hard to encourage good hygiene and spacing where practical.

Regular sanitising routines will be in place as previously. We are required to ensure adequate continuous ventilation, so doors and windows will be kept open unless in extremely bad weather or to avoid noise issues (if showing a film for example).

We will continue with the approach last year of a base room for Senior School students to minimise traffic around the site, with the exception of Science, Music and Art lessons.

In line with this, the Library will not be used as a general space, instead, bubble libraries will be created in the relevant areas. Miss McDonald will refresh these regularly. All staff will be promoting reading in form time and ensuring that the libraries are well used, books changed and reading is central to learning.


All staff, visitors and children in Year 2 and above must wear surgical masks when inside the school buildings. Masks must be worn correctly, fully covering the mouth and nose.

Exceptions are when eating, drinking, or if health exemptions exist. Outside, they may remove masks so long as they maintain distance from others. Masks will not be worn during outdoor sport.

Surgical masks should be changed every 4 hours, FFP2, should be changed daily.

We will be taking lessons outside as frequently as possible when the weather allows, and will be setting up additional outdoor learning areas to support this.


We hope to be using Eschilo 2 for Years 5 and 6 this term. Older students will have sport on site, or off site, continuing our collaborations with Ostia Surf and Noleggio Bici Ostia. All Sport lessons will be on site for the first two weeks of term. Full programme details will be shared by Mr Melbourne at the end of the week.

After School activities

We are reviewing the possibilities of this and will review after the first few weeks of term once we have seen how the return to school has unfolded in terms of cases, quarantine, etc.

Entry and Exit times

We will continue the staggered start to the day that we put in place last year. As previously, children will not be allowed on site before 08.45 so if they are dropped off earlier, please ensure they have protection from the weather!

New this year: in line with the latest government guidance to reduce human traffic and gatherings at the end of the day, we will trial a staggered home time.

We courteously request parents to respect these times and to enter / exit school promptly. At hometime, Primary and EYFS parents should come in via the main gate and always leave via the far corner gate. This one way system is essential to maintain adequate distancing.

Please keep children with you at all times.

Arrival time

Collection time


Nursery, Reception



1 parent or carer permitted to accompany to and from class.

Primary Years 1 - 3



If you are collecting children from different year groups, collect the youngest first and then wait by the class collection area for the older children.

Primary Years 4-6



Students will not come out until 3.25 so that the younger children have cleared the area.

Senior School (Years 7 - 13)



Students will be released by teachers to the car park area directly.

Older siblings can collect Primary siblings if parents have confirmed this in writing at the start of the year and informed the Office and class teacher.

I look forward to welcoming you all on Friday.

Tor Del Federico