Breaking: Vola Voilà Circus Recruits Local IGCSE Student

25th June, 2021

In a turn of events that have shocked and surprised only those not immediately close with him, local boy Arthur Magolo has decided to ditch the world of academia for a moonshot into the highly competitive world of contemporary circus performance.

In a Salve exclusive, Arthur had this to say:

"My passion for the circus has actually been growing over time, day by day. Not many people know this about me, which is why it has come as a shock to some people. It has always been a passion to one day end up in the big top with the most daring lion tamers, the finest trapeze artists and the very best clowns, ventriloquists and acrobats that Italy has to offer.

We contacted the people that know Arthur most intimately, his Year 10 form group, for comment.

Hyon Dok had this to say: "I'm not sure what the future holds for my friend Arthur, but I am sure that he will succeed in whatever he turns his mind to and I really do wish him all the best".

His friend Wezi, who was there on the day that Arthur decided to chase his circus dreams, commented "I think it is a horrible choice. I know how good he is and how much work he has put in [to his studies]. He has the potential to become something really special, not throw away his life for for a top circus job that I think we all know is out of reach.

Known to be the voice of reason in the close group of friends, we chased Riccardo up for his take on this strange and sudden turn of events: "All I want to say is that I think Arthur should pursue his passion. I know there are some haters out there, and yes I am thinking of one person in particular. This person is a certified non-expert; he has no credibility in the circus world. I suspect he has motives beyond what he is putting forward. That is all I wish to say at this time."

Arthur will be starting two months of rigorous training tomorrow. It really has been an interesting end to the school year and a real shake up for many.

More on this story as it unfolds.