Fun in the sun with Year 9

Wacky Olympics

One of the highlights of last week has to be the Wacky Olympics. From the tug of war, where everyone fell on the floor like a pack of laughing hyenas to teacher target toss where you had to headshot the teachers as many times as possible with a wet sponge, the pitch was full of laughter and friendly competition. Let's just say that Mr. Johnson won't be forgetting that very easily.

Ummul, Daniele, Andrea.


During the various activities that we participated in, the circus was by far the most interesting. Not only our expectations met, but were surpassed. We thought we would be watching a performance, but instead we got the amazing opportunity of learning to improve our skills in creativity, concentration and coordination, within every activity.
The parkour was the most adrenaline-fueled workshop. We learnt basic martial art steps to perform challenging kicks and aerial flips. We're all looking forward to going back again!

Letizia, Julianne, Sophie, Angelica C.


Recently, Year 9 has been going surfing. Time flew past too quickly because of its overwhelming happiness. It was such an incredible and fun new experience. We started by practicing how to balance on the board, and then were excited to hit the waves. We all surfed about 4-5 waves each. Many fun events happened like when Gian Paolo rammed into his classmates with his board and when Daniele forgot how to stand upon the board and fell face first.

Angelica G., Nadim, Edoardo.