Getting creative for a cause in Year 9 GCSE Italian

For the GCSE topic 'the environment', Year 9s were asked to develop a mini-creative project to reflect on the challenges we are facing as a global community.

Sophie made a video to raise awareness on the issues caused by the excessive use of plastic. She also proved to have great technical skills as a video maker.

Mckenzie wrote a poem about what we need to do to protect the environment. The rhymes in Italian are lovely and the poem reminds us of our responsibility towards the environment.

Andrea wrote a short story in Italian from the perspective of a glass bottle that is impatiently waiting to be recycled. The message of this thoughtful bottle is clear: let the glass bottle live a long and useful life!

Although Ummul started her GCSE course only three months ago, she also prepared a creative project on the topic of 'role models' she is studying. She did a fantastic job with Powtoon and we really enjoyed it when she presented 'Il mio idolo' to the class in Italian!

Bravissimi tutti!

- Ms. Lain
MFL Teacher and Head of Spanish