Globeducate MUN 2021

Last week, students from Year 12 participated in the first, ever Virtual MUN Conference to extend their understanding of politics and to try out their skills in a simulated environment. Each student has since received vital experience to include in their CAS portfolios and gained new skills in the process. As an Advisor, I couldn't be happier with how they all managed and worked together and the effort and enthusiasm I witnessed from each student.

- Mr. Hough
CAS Coordinator

Model United Nations has really changed my life. When I started MUN in year 9, I took it for granted; I used it as an opportunity to dress up fancy, meet new people and skip school. I was lucky to have done it as a southlands student this year because the teachers helped me a lot in understanding the whole MUN process. The MUN conference this year gave me so much valuable experience; whether it was interacting with delegates from countries around the world, speaking in front of a large audience, or simply making friends who I still keep in touch with. It is amazing how much you learn from such an environment, regardless of your age. MUN has helped me become a better problem solver and an out of the box thinker. Personally I think that it has enhanced my leadership and communication skills, and most importantly, made me feel like you want to leave a mark on society.

- Justin Chiseng

When I first accepted to participate to this year's MUN, I was somewhat nervous as this was my first time taking part and I really didn't know what to expect. As the first day was getting nearer, I kept feeling like I wasn't ready, despite my hard work preparing for it. Fortunately, this experience turned out to be much more pleasant than expected. I felt like the MUN is a place where one can freely share their opinion without being pressured to do so. Apart from that, it also helped me built confidence and enhanced my capabilities to talk in front of a large audience. What I have to admit surprised me is how they managed to organize effectively such an event that usually happens in real life.

- Giacomo De Tommasi

I was one of the European council delegates in the CWMUN 2021. This being my first time participating in MUN, I was very scared and nervous because I didn't know anything about the country that I had to research on .Although we had gone through the training together as a class, I did not feel confident enough to do it. Days before the MUN I got help from Mr Hough and Salih in year 13 which made me feel a bit relieved and ready. During the Mun days, I was still a bit nervous on the first day but from the second day I felt relieved. Even though I didn't talk much,I was able to learn a lot about different people from different parts of the world from this experience. In general, the best part was that I was able to take time away from studies and represent the school. I sure did enjoy the days and gained confidence in myself . Looking forward to many more MUN debates!

- Agot Deng

This was my fourth time participating in MUN, but it was my first time doing it online. Generally, I was quite confident in the rules of procedure but I was a bit anxious about how MUN would unfold in a virtual environment. It was a really good experience despite the circumstances, it was all very fast paced because of time constrictions. All in all, it was a really good and fun experience, I would dfinitely do it again!

- Aleks Barsamyan