Globeducate Student Leadership Event 2021

Last week, our School Captains Irene and Leo took a break from the IB to attend the 2021 Globeducate Leadership Event. All the young people involved were a credit to their schools, and the speakers at the event were all hugely impressed by them.

Irene and Leo engaged fully with all the tasks (even when technology was sometimes against us!), forged new friendships and really put into practice all they learnt about leadership theory and characteristics.

It was great to be see students from both Canada and India, as well as Globeducate European schools, which was the major advantage of having the event online.

To find out more about what our students have been up to, please have a look at the Padlet where they shared their ideas about leadership - from iconic leaders of the past to leadership in action in the 21st century.

Here's what our students' had to say about their experience.

"Even though online platforms and only over two days, the conference on leadership hosted by Stonar Institute was very helpful and inspirational. We had a look at what types of leaders there are around the world and their strategies. Using the Belbin questionnaire allowed us to find out more about ourselves and about what type of leader we are and could be in the future. The conference also allowed us to make more friendships and to know more students all over the world, even places such as India and Canada, especially when making presentations on famous leaders all around the world. Overall, it has been such a wonderful experience and hopefully the in-person event will take place in the coming years."
- Irene, Year 13

"Last week I took part in the Leadership Symposium organized by Stonar. Needless to say I was excited going in, after being briefed about more or less what would have been the contents of the seminar. I was wrong, as it turned out to exceed expectations. Apart from meeting familiar student faces from other globeducate events in past years, the activities that we were asked to do were always relevant and never 'static' or 'boring'. Overall a very positive experience that I wish I had the chance to repeat again!"
- Leo, Year 13