Here comes the Midsummer Magic: a triumphant end to a challenging year

Southlands is buzzing with talk of workshops, crafting costumes, circus visits and dances with donkeys. Students and teachers alike have put their all into the upcoming Summer Arts Festival week which centres on Art, Drama, Music, Fun ... and Magic!!

The swirling vortex around which all this spins is of course Shakespeare's infamous comdey A Midsummer Night's Dream. This play aptly reflects many of the year's trademarks: confusion, restrictions, uncertainty and enduring hope and has led the majority of Southlands Primary and Secondary students have embarked on an exploration of Dance, Drama and Music in order to tell this classic tale from start to finishto celebrate the end of the school year.

Key stage 3 Students in year 7, 8 and 9 will be performing the five acts of the play, supported by Dance and Music from Primary students. The final performance will take place on Friday June 18th. The work I have seen from students far surpasses my expectations and this will be a great experience for the students both in terms of learning, performing and celebrating.

Keep an eye on our social accounts over the coming weeks for teasers, sneak previews and ultimately the entire spectacle of A Midsummer Southlands Festival!

- Mr. Blundell
Head of Drama