Idiomatic expressions in IB Spanish with Year 12

An idiom is "an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but that has a separate meaning of its own". Idioms represent a challenge in language acquisition and are, in fact, considered higher level language in IB mark schemes.

In order to access top grades in the IB Language exams, students need to be able to comprehend, speak and write idiomatic expressions. Below are some examples of creative ways that students have been exploring to learn idioms and 'make them stick'!

Language&Drama: Performing idiomatic expressions which include parts of the body.

'Quedar con la boca abierta'
Literal translation: 'to remain with the mouth open'. Meaning: 'to be surprised'

'Tomar el pelo'
Literal translation: 'to grab someone's hair'. Meaning: 'to tease'

Language&Art: Using similes to create our own idiomatic expression with illustrations.