Let the House Championship commence!

Feeling fierce about Flora?! Jumping for Jupiter?! Nuts about Neptune?! Victorious for Vulcan?!

As a final flourish to what has been a fantastic first full term at Southlands, we are delighted to have launched our new House system. Named for three Roman Gods, one Goddess and linked to an element, each of our Houses has a strong identity and sense of purpose on which to build their community.

Our four houses are Flora and the earth, Jupiter and the air, Neptune and the water and Vulcan paired with fire. After lots of applications and interviews, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Hunn chose four captains and deputies to ably lead their House in this maiden year. Our teams are Captain Ginevra and her deputy Itokiana for Flora, Glyne and Daniele for Jupiter, Irene and Eliza representing Neptune and Leonardo and Letizia championing Vulcan. Congratulations to our new House Teams!

One Friday morning in our first whole school assembly of the year, students and staff alike reached under their desk to find a flag in their House colours. Finally, we knew where our allegiances would lie and it was time for the games to begin!

Over the past week, Ms. Hunn has been frantically - and meticulously! - totally effort and achievement points awarded to students across Primary and Senior schools. These have been added to points awarded to those who received Certificates of Recognition, competed in events such as the Academic Olympics and won competitions such as Power of Poetry.

To round off the term, and indeed 2020, House Captains were given their first task - to put together a Christmas video message from their Houses. The podium came with prestige and points, and Neptune were eventually crowned winners of the Christmas Video Challenge.

All of the tireless hard work and dedication from our students have meant that, at the end of our first term, the Southlands House Championship looks like this ...

1st Jupiter - 380 points

2nd= Flora & Neptune - 270 points

4th Neptune - 250 points

We can't wait to return next term for some more healthy competition and camaraderie!

"The House System has got off to a tremendous start! I am so proud of the House Captains and their Deputies who are already proving themselves to be superb ambassadors, not only for their Houses but also for the School. Well done to Jupiter for ending the term in 1st place - Neptune, Flora and Vulcan are on the chase though and I can't wait to see the competitive spirit continue into 2021!"
- Ms. Hunn, Deputy Head of Senior School