'Meet the expert': Chilean ex-political refugee and University of Edinburgh Professor Alfonso Molina

On Wednesday 5 May, Year 12 and Year 13 IB Spanish students met Alfonso Molina, born in Chile, professor of Technology Strategy at the University of Edinburgh and also Scientific Director of an NGO that promotes social innovation. Most importantly, Alfonso is an expert in the field of migration because he has been a political refugee himself!

He told his rich story in Spanish and students had the opportunity to ask him questions.
For example, one of the questions was:
'Did you have a dream when you were younger that you had to change or was influenced by your journey as a refugee?'

Alfonso answered that during Pinochet's military dictatorship in Chile, he had a big dream: he wanted to change the world. This dream changed during his life journey, becoming as simple as having a shelter when he became a refugee. However, the idea of having a dream never abandoned him. With his NGO, he runs projects to support people at greatest risk of social exclusion (the elderly, unemployed young people, refugees, etc). This is the way he keeps on trying to change the world.

Thank you @Alfonso for sharing with our students the secret for your personal success story: big dreams and never stop chasing them!

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