'Meet the expert' session with a Digital Artist for Year 8 International Italian

For our cultural project this term, we drew inspiration from the Italian Digital Artist Max Serradifalco and produced a virtual Art Gallery with students' works.

You can visit Year 8 Digital Art Gallery and like your favourite art works!

During the project, however, students came up with many questions which opened to interesting debates, such as: How can we consider taking screenshots of the Earth with the satellite a kind of art? What is the country in the world that most inspires the artist? How much do his art works cost?

We decided to contact Max who is living in Sicily at the moment, and sent him our questions. He was kind enough to give us his availability for a Google meeting on Tuesday April 20th. This was the second edition of this year's 'Meet the expert' sessions at Southlands.
We were thrilled, of course!

You can watch the full enjoyable live session here.

The most important take-away was not only the thorough information about his work as a Digital Artist but also a message of love for our planet and passion behind human actions, little and big ones!

Thank you Max!

About Max Serradifalco

Max Serradifalco (Palermo, 1978) is a landscape photographer from Italy. In 2011 elaborates the artistic project "Web Landscape Photography" in which he has virtually traveled all over the planet in search of a new way of observing and reinterpreting the landscapes of the Earth, without manipulation. Max is among the first artists to create, through the web, photographic series with the exclusive use of satellite maps.