IB Spanish cultural exchange: migration in Italy and Sweden

This week IB Spanish students continued their cultural exchange Swedish students from our partner school. This week's topic was 'Migration' and produced some fascinating conversations as both Italy and Sweden have a high migrant population.

Our Year 12 IB students prepared some questions in Spanish to start conversations:

  1. ¿Hay un número alto de migrantes en Suecia?
  2. ¿Por qué tenéis muchos migrantes?
  3. ¿Sabes algo de la situación de los migrantes en Suecia?
  4. ¿Conoces a algunos emigrantes?
  5. ¿Hay algún prejuicio sobre los emigrantes en Suecia?

It was interesting to compare the numbers of migrants in Italy and Sweden and the reasons why both countries have a high number of immigrants. Students explored the differences in which the countries cater for migrants and talked about migrants they know or are friends with. A reflection on the prejudices built around migrants found that unfortunately it is commonplace in both countries.

Our students also prepared infographics to sensitise the Spanish-speaking community on the matter.

This is Giacomo's excellent work: