National Poetry Day at Southlands

Thursday 7th October is National Poetry Day in the UK. This year's theme was 'choice'. So, students spent time reading from a selection of poems to choose one especially for another person in the class. Here are some of their 'choices'.

Year 7M
Lavinia chose for Perla:

We Wear the Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar

For you Perla; this poem talks about the mask we wear, even if we're sad we wear the mask that makes us smile. For you Perla that even when the world is about to fall on you, you find the positive side of the situation and make the sunshine shine again... But you always wear the mask; The mask that hides your feelings and replaces them with the feelings the others want to see, without thinking about yourself. You always think about others before yourself, and that is a lovely thing! But the thing that values the most is YOU. Don't wear the mask that hides your feelings even if people might not like it. Don't get me wrong with this, your smile is WONDERFUL! That's why you are the friend everyone would want to have beside them. Remember to show your feelings, show the different colors that are wonderfully placed in you! Show your happiness , your sadness and even your anger . Remember that friends will always help you with your feelings, but you need to express them DON'T BE AFRAID!!!!

Year 11
Sofia chose for Alice:

A total stranger one black day by E.E Cummings

I chose this poem for Alice because when I first came to Southlands she was my first friend right from the beginning and also because we have many things in common. "But now .......are such immortal friends..."

Also in the more physical description, on the first day even before I started school it was "one dark day" when I came to transition day, because I didn't know anything or anyone. Now Alice greets me everyday and makes me feel welcome. It would have "knocked the living hell out of me"if on the first day Alice hadn't been there right since the beginning to help me adapt to this new environment.

Year 10
Andrea chose for Daniele

The Rose that Grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur

This story is about a rose that is very different than other roses because this particular one chose to grow in a crack of concrete. I chose this poem for Daniele because, like the rose in the poem, he is a person that nobody can stop from doing something once he decides to do it. This is like the rose growing in a dangerous place but the rose is very insistent about his choice. Also the rose is very different from other flowers. Other roses chose a lovely calm place but this rose chose a dangerous place to grow. Similarly, Daniele he chooses the difficult thing to practice and improve himself.I really like the line, 'Proving nature's law is wrong it'. The rose goes against nature's law to grow in a crack of concrete, and Daniele, even if he has the highest mark he won't show off. However, if he gets a lower mark than someone, he will try to do better.

Year 9M
Silvester chose for Itokiana

Snow by David Burman.

The reason I choose this poem for Itokiana is because it reminds me of our friendship because we are always talking about random things and then bringing them up again in a completely different scenario or conversation. Also it reminds me of how we always joke around and talk about irrelevant things as well as how we make up things and try to persuade each other that they are true. When the older brother tells him something "for some reason" it reminds me of what I always think after saying something random to him. For me It also represents all the times we have been bored together and how we entertained ourselves. Another reason is that in their instance it is two brothers a bit like me and Itokiana because we always do stuff together like brothers. A funny part of the poem is how the younger brother always replies with a question about what the older brother said, this reminds me of how whenever one of us says something not true the other person says really and then the person who said it would say no. Overall this poem represents the small moments in mine and Itokianas friendship and the little but significant memories

Ava chose for Neyla

Another Reason Why I Don't Keep a Gun in the House by Billy Collins

The poem I chose is called "Another Reason Why I Don't Keep a Gun in the House" by Billy Collins, and I chose this poem for Neyla. The poem is about a student who is complaining about the neighbours' dog which won't stop barking. The first reason I chose it is because I thought she might like the amount of detail that the writer put in the poem, for example "he is barking the same high, rhythmic bark". The second reason I chose this poem is because she has a dog and this poem is about a dog: "The neighbours' dog...". The last reason I chose this poem for her is because the way the student speaks in the poem reminds me of her: funny, cool and sassy, shown by the way he talks for example: "they must switch him on on their way out".

- Ms. Bothwick
Teacher of English