Not only language skills in IB Spanish!

While practicing the report text type for Paper 1 (the writing component of the IB exam), Year 13s did a great job in also recreating the research process that comes before a report. They engaged with the design of an actual survey on online shopping habits and then carried it out among their classmates.

The questions were initially prepared in Spanish of course, so they had to translate them into English, consolidating vocabulary and making best use of their language skills. They set up a google form to distribute the survey, involved the participants and collected data. Finally, they discussed the information and collectively wrote a proper report in Spanish that concludes:

'...the typical Year 13 buyer purchases online quite often, but does not go overboard with the purchase. In addition, they mostly buy clothes and pay with a credit card, but most of them have had issues with a wrong or damaged product. Despite that, in the end, almost all students are satisfied with their online purchases.'

The result was genuinely interesting and high-quality work, which exceeds what is expected of an IB Language Ab Initio student. The excellent organisation, group collaboration and the capacity to work independently and enthusiastically, led them to do all the above in only one week. Well done Year13!

Read the full report here.

- Ms. Lain
Head of Spanish