Outdoor Classroom Day February 2021

It is official ... yesterday's Outdoor Classroom Day was the best yet! From building volcanoes, making mud soup, and planting a sensory garden in Years 1 and 2 through to soaking wet science and the first meeting of the Southlands Senate (S.P.Q.S) in Years 5 and 6, and MFL in the grounds in senior school, there was fun filled learning happening all over Campus.

Nursery - exploring cold creatures in the "wild" and planting their new sensory garden!

Reception - flying their very own pterodactyls!

2P - planting their new sensory garden including rosemary, lavender, sage and oregano.

3O - Trundling along ... measuring using trundle wheels.

3S - Getting magnetic ... making magnets!

4A - using natural materials to create their own world!

4B - drawing some inspiration from nature for their al fresco maths lesson!

Year 6 - the inaugural meeting of the Year 6 Senate. Also known as S.P.Q.S. : Senatus Populusque Southlandus!

Year 7 - studying hard for their French test hoping the fresh air will help!

Year 11 - taking inspiration from nature during their Italian A literature lesson!