Playing with fire: Year 6 transition day in Senior School

On Tuesday, we welcomed our Year 6s to experience a 'Day in the Life of a Year 7 Student' to support them on their upcoming transition from Primary to Senior School. The Year 6s had an action-packing day in which they designed their own personalised shield in History, and transformed prose into a dramatic scene in English & Drama. They expertly solved some wickedly puzzling problems in both Italian and English Maths and were treated to what one student described as a simply 'beautiful' lesson in Science as they conducted an experiment which changed the colour of flames! All in all, the Year 6 students demonstrated their eagerness to take the next step on their educational journey and the Senior staff were thoroughly impressed by them all!

In the coming weeks we will hold some final buddying up transition sessions with the Year 6s and 7s - watch this space!