Power of Poetry 2020: A Change is Going to Come ...

While 2020 may have taken many things from us, it could never take our Power of Poetry! Once again, Ms. Bothwick has worked her magic and worked out the creativity from our students in key stage three.

Power of Poetry 2020's theme was "changes" which had the potential to evoke some emotive poems this year. Our students drew their inspiration from climate change, the pandemic, history and family among other things to write some really powerful poetry. With the help of Ms. Hunn in year 7 and Ms. Bothwick in years 8 and 9, students spent the week reading poems, investigating poetic devices and eventually writing their pieces.

"I was very impressed this year with the quality of entries. I read poems with vivid, imaginative uses of language, poems that explored serious issues, and poems that I found very moving. Many people had taken the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about this difficult year, creating some very touching and emotive pieces of work. Congratulations to everyone who entered and made it such a brilliant competition."
- Ms. Bothwick, Power of Poetry Lead

Judging, as ever, was an incredibly tough task. After much deliberating, it is with great pride and pleasure that we can announce the winners of Southlands Power of Poetry 2020:

Year 7B: Sofia B. 'I am the earth'

"A powerful poem about the environment written in the voice of the earth. I especially like the sense of urgency, and the confrontational tone to convey the important message." - Ms. Bothwick, Y7 judge

Year 7P: Giacomo G. 'Moving On'

"An excellent poem full of sound and sound techniques as well as imagery and figurative language. I enjoyed the change of tone from nostalgic to hopeful at the end. Well done, Giacomo!" - Ms. Bothwick

Year 8B: Giulia P. 'Untilted'

"I really enjoyed how the direction of this poem changed as what we thought was a big hill became a mountain and then a volcano. Tension and drama is built within the poem and the onomatopoeia used really helps to convey this." - Ms. Hunn, Y8 judge

Year 8S: Georgia V. 'Better World'

"I really enjoyed how this student experimented with the structure of this poem and the powerful message that inequality must change is effectively highlighted through the structural decisions made. Well done!" - Ms. Hunn

Year 9: Daniele I. 'The Clock of Life'

"I felt Daniele really captured the theme with great success. He did a great job at honing in on the universal humanity of time passing and our incapacity to change this inevitable change, as well as articulating the different perspectives of age, where existence is once "mournful" only to have passed too quickly: "glided past my grip". Well done Daniele!". - Ms. McDonald, Y9 Judge