Southlands Unites Against Bullying

If you looked down at Southlands last Friday you would have seen a wonderful rainbow array of stripy,spotty, starry socks on everyone's feet for Odd Socks Day 2020. Not only did this splash of colour and fun bring a smile to our faces, it has also reminded us of how we are different in the way we look yet, despite appearances, we are very much one community, and deep down, we are the same.

In class and in Assemblies, students and teachers talked about the need for tolerance, the importance of accepting each other, collaborating and acting with kindness. As Mrs. Del Federico said to the Primary students, "this is not a special attitude just for Anti Bullying week, it is the way we need to act every day, all year round."

To continue our conversation about kindness and diversity at Southlands, and to cement our pledge against bullying, students and teachers across the whole school have designed a unique pebble. Each pebble is signed with a finger print and acts as our individual commitments of zero tolerance towards bullying. Eventually, these pebbles will form a larger whole which will send a clear message to all that Southlands stands united against bullying.