Spanish in Italy heads to Sweden: Sammtalk language & culture exchange

Y12 and Y13 IB Spanish students had their first video call with peers of our partner school in Sweden 'Drottning Blankas gymnasieskola'.

After some initial misunderstandings through a mixture of Swedish, Spanish and Italian the three groups set off and had full conversations in Spanish.

What did they talk about?

In their own words:

'We shared our interests and hobbies and had the opportunity to explain how our lives differ. Something different I noticed is that they were struggling a little to communicate, maybe due to the cultural difference of being more quiet and reserved. All in all it was a pleasant experience that I would vividly recommend.' Giacomo, Year 12 IB Spanish B student

'The Swedish girls were a little shy but we managed to talk about a few things for example their plans for the future that I found very interesting. I also noticed how different our cultures are, for example living in a small city there are not as many things to do and life is much more calm and different from living in a big city like Rome. All together it was a fun experience as we both learned from our differences.'
Sean, Year 12 IB Spanish B student

'We talked in Spanish for some time and learned different aspects of their culture and what they do in their day. Some of the girls told us that life in their small city can sometimes be repetitive as there aren't many things to do, Alessandra and I saw this very differently as we live in a big city, which not to mention, is also the capital of Italy. It was interesting to see how the size of the city you live in allows you to do different things.'
Irene, Year 12 IB Spanish B student

'They were a bit shy, Irene and I reflected upon the fact that maybe in Sweden people are more reserved. That was a good aspect to learn. We discovered more about their habits, for instance, one Swedish girl played handball, which, for what I know it is not a common sport in Italy. Therefore, it was extremely interesting discovering a bit of the Swedish culture and a good opportunity, in order to train ourselves for Spanish conversations.'
Alessandra, Year 13 IB Spanish Ab Initio student

'I was partnered with Giacomo, a Y12 student, and we had fun talking to and finding out more about the Swedish girls we were talking to (Linnea and Ester). They were both quite shy but we managed to have a good conversation about the situation in our countries and how Covid had affected us. Overall, it was a really nice and challenging experience which I would do any time again.'
Martina, Year 13 IB Spanish Ab Initio student

'In our last Spanish lesson we had the chance to practice our speaking skills in a very fun and exciting way; we organised some video calls with other Spanish students who live in Sweden. We spent all the hour talking with them about many different topics and learnt many new things about their culture. It has been a very constructive lesson since it helped us improve our Spanish, and at the same time it was fun talking to students of our age of a different country and exchanging thoughts and feelings.'
Julia, Year 13 IB Spanish Ab Initio student

We are proud that our IB students have clearly made a new step forward towards international mindedness and intercultural understanding!