Spreading smiles around the world

Back in April of this year, French students in KS3 and KS4 participated in a French project called 1 lettre 1 sourire (1 letter 1 smile). This project involved writing a letter, in French, to elderly French people living in retirement homes who are feeling isolated during the difficult first lockdown.

This was a great opportunity to practice and improve their skills in formal, written French, whilst at the same time bringing a little joy into the lives of those who were certainly be in need of it.

The students were delighted when, just last week, we received a reply to one of their letters! Ginevra, Year 11, was the lucky student to receive a response. Her first thoughts turned to continuing the correspindence, and organising for the French students in KS3 and 4 to send Christmas cards to Mr. Grandjeat - her new penpal, and other residents in his retirement home.

"I was extremely surprised and happy to receive a response because I didn't expect it. It was great knowing that Mr. Grandjeat enjoyed receiving my letter and had an amazing time writing it back to me. I hope to keep up my communication with Mr. Grandjeat and to improve my French with it."

Students in KS4 and 5 have all prepared and written a Christmas card to send to Mr. Granjeat and his friends. A huge thank you to Mme Kerhomen for organising the project, collating the cards and sending them home to France. We'll keep you posted on our new French pen pals!