Spring Into Science!

To celebrate the incredible learning Primary school have completed over the past term we felt the very best thing to do would be to have an EcoScience Fair.

From 16th to the 22nd April, classes from Reception all the way through to Year 6 demonstrated their new knowledge by showcasing plants, projects, games and more to their peers and fellow students. Staff from Primary and Senior came along as well as all primary students, with Nurse Lanny summing up the week perfectly: "I was able to see almost all presentations and it was just wonderful!!! I never saw such a thing at Southlands before!!"

Reception created a fantastic plant poster, complete with beautiful flowers and correctly labelled parts of a plant.

Year 1 explored the uses (and reuses) of materials, metal, plastic, cardboard, fabric.

Year 2 demonstrated wonderfully diverse knowledge of invertebrates, including the life cycle of a butterfly and created everything from starfishjunk modeled invertebrate. Highlights included fun facts, a guessing game and a beautifully performed poem.

Year 3's bumper Science Expo detailed all the science topics they have covered so far including magnets, light and electricity, rocks and fossils, conservation and deep sea creatures, plants and earthworms. It was interactive, informative and totally inspirational.

Year 4 put on an incredibly thoughtful and thought-provoking WWF-inspired exhibition all about endangered animals.

Year 5 treated us to a trip into a beehive as we learnt about conservation of bees, plant adaptations, habitats and landscapes.

Year 6 produced some fascinating experiments and demonstrations of microorganisms. These included a game of throw the covid with glitter to show the need to wash hands to rid from invisible germs. Cool, sparkly and so important!

The whole primary school were a true credit to themselves and their teachers and we can say with confidence that the Southlands first inaugural EcoScience Fair was not only a triumphant success, but it is the first of many such events to come. We can't wait to be able to invite parents on site to share the experience!