Uguaglianza e parità ... ?

This week, students in Madame Mattei's IB Italian B class have been thinking hard about the theme of "Uguaglianza e parità". Following some thoughtful class discussions, students had to choose a page from a comic on prejudice and racism as a stimulus for thought and reflection.

The work that students produced for this topic demonstrates their fantastic presentation skills and attention to detail, as well as their outstanding Italian language skills. It's clear from the work that I've seen that students have done a great job of analysing the source material and then linking those ideas to issues of prejudice and equality.

This activity feeds in fantastically well to the IB Learner Profile, allowing our Year 13 students to demonstrate the way in which they're growing into principled, open-minded and reflective young adults. A huge well done to Year 13 for their efforts and many thanks to Madame Mattei for keeping Year 13 busy with such interesting and challenging activities.

I hope you'll take a closer look at their work by following the links below:





- Mr. Eley
IB Coordinator