World Toilet Day: a serious issue

The World Toilet day, celebrated on 19th November, is a UN Observance to raise awareness on the sanitation challenges that 4.2 billion people still face in their daily lives. Having access to a clean toilet and other proper sanitation services is missing for over half of the world population! The theme for the 2020 edition is, in fact, Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change

  • What have toilets got to do with climate change?
  • How do toilets protect our health?

Year 12 and Year 13 Spanish students participated in the World Toilet Day 2020 in the language classroom, which links to the IB curriculum within theme 5: Sharing the planet. Students discussed the answers to the questions above in the target language. They reflected on the right to safely managed sanitation, and how flood, drought and rising sea levels threaten sanitation systems, due to climate change. Such big issues affecting our global community today.

IB Spanish padlet full of ideas and discussion

Students learned, shared and proposed ideas for CAS projects and for concrete actions to support #WorldToiletDay, addressing the Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water and sanitation for all by 2030.

- Ms. Lain
Head of Spanish