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Secondary School

The Secondary school at Southlands

The Secondary school programmes aim to inspire and support students in becoming knowledgeable and skilled young people ready to excel within, and beyond, academic life here at Southlands.

Each Key Stage allows our students to understand fundamental principles across major disciplines and helps them to develop budding interests across subject areas. Our core educational framework is a reflection of the international community we serve, combining the best of British pedagogy and curricula with international perspectives and values. 

Our Approach

Our belief in the power of challenging experiences in building resilience and shaping the character of our young people is evident through our unique Physical Education & Outdoor Learning programme. All students in the School are expected to take part in Adventure sports and Expeditions as part of the core curriculum.  

The academic success of our students is borne through the rigour of the programmes we offer and the personalised academic and pastoral care we can provide our small community. Fostering close and healthy relationships with our families means that Secondary school really is a place where all students are able to be happy, successful and build towards exceptionally bright futures. 



Key Stages in Secondary school

Support & Guidance 


All of our students will receive skilled feedback on how they can improve in their subjects. This support comes in a variety of ways including, but not limited to; verbal and written feedback, opportunities to repeat assessments, additional consolidation tasks, directed independent and guided study. 


Students are allocated a dedicated Form Tutor who sees them every morning and delivers the Personal, Health and Social Education programme for one hour each week. The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for any areas of concern from a student or one of our families. Clear systems are in place to support our students in making the right decisions and to flourish in school. 


From Year 9 and above our University and Careers Coordinator guides students through their Secondary education, making sure that students can begin to define their interests and start to work towards aspirations for further study and eventual careers. This process aims to ensure students have ‘freedom of choice’ when leaving Southlands and empowers students to self-evaluate performance and take action.

Community & Leadership

All of our systems are designed to build a feeling of community within the school and foster a sense of shared responsibility for positively contributing to our local and global communities that we belong to. This is cemented by powerful partnerships and regular interschool competition in association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Eco-Schools. Students will have opportunity to take on formal roles such as; Student Ambassadors, School, Food and Eco Council Members, MUN representatives and House Captains.

Physical and Mental Wellbeing 

The school is committed to safeguarding the physical and mental health of our students and wider community. To this end we have a dedicated nurse on site Monday-Friday from between 09:00-15:45. In addition, once per week the school has a Listening Center service where our students and families can talk privately with a qualified psychologist on site.