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Special Education Needs

Special Education Needs

The Special Education Needs (SEN) Department offers professional help and practical support and advice to teachers, students and their families to ensure that any difficulties or challenges that might arise are resolved in the most effective and positive way.

The department seeks to identify any potential problems at their earliest stages and to offer the most appropriate and effective short or longer-term solutions. Students, staff and families are encouraged to seek the support of the SEN department when they may require a little extra help in order to deal with any personal, social or academic issues that may be preventing them from achieving their goals.

The department offers individual support and guidance to every child for whom additional assistance might be necessary; evaluating and assessing their educational or emotional needs in order to establish an appropriate and coordinated response based upon the specific requirements of each case. The department works in close cooperation with teachers and families, offering the necessary resources and expertise to ensure that every child can fulfil their maximum academic and personal potential. 

Individual attention


Each case is individually monitored, and personalised programmes are established in order to ensure that each student can progress at their own pace. Academic and pastoral guidance is always available to help every student to set appropriate goals, objectives and deadlines.

The SEN Department also provides support for incoming students as they adapt to life at a new school. The department coordinates contact between home and school, advises students and families during the integration process and monitors each new pupil’s progress and welfare to ensure that the transition between schools is managed as smoothly and positively as possible.

Diversity and Psychological Evaluation

The SEN Department aims to identify and respond to the problems young people can encounter as they progress along their journey through childhood and adolescence. Dependening upon the particular needs of each individual, the department devises personalised strategies and action plans to help deal with issues such as attention deficit disorders, problems with literacy or numeracy, emotional or behavioural difficulties, or support for the particular challenges that can be faced by high-functioning or gifted and talented children as they progress through their education.

The department recommends diagnosis from associated Educational Psychologists when it is absolutely necessary. Having a psychological report can then advise the learning support department on further strategies to support the students’ special educational needs, management of emotional and behavioural problems, support for gifted and talented children and therapeutic intervention. 

Support for families and teachers

The department works in close collaboration with tutors, teachers and families to ensure that every student is able to achieve their full academic and personal potential. The department welcomes consultation with parents and carers and organises a series of open talks; discussions to explore some of the more challenging aspects of child development and education.