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Southlands learns more about Race Against Hunger

This week, students in KS3 and KS4 participated in live sessions with experts from Action Against Hunger to learn more about the organisation and their flagship project Race Against Hunger. 

Students were especially interested in learning more about this year's benefactor country, Madagascar, to better understand the current crisis that we are helping to improve. Here's what they had to say after their seminars: 

Watching the presentation and learning more about the cause of “Run Against Hunger” was an eye opening experience. I think everyone is conscious of the issues of the world but to be able to make a change, it’s crucial to be reminded of people’s struggles and the current situation they’re living in. 
The videos we were shown were touching and important to understand the concreteness of the issue. It made me feel sorrowful but fortunate to live in an economically developed country and to have access to food and water, which no one should be deprived of. 

Alice, Y11

What impressed me the most of this presentation is the video that we were shown of typical life in Madagascar which made me feel enormous pity for the poor Madagascar children who don’t get the same opportunities as we do of eating three meals a day and being able to regularly drink clean water whenever, needed like we do.
Daniele, Y10

This session made me think about how lucky I am to have all that I need when others, like those in Madagascar, do not have food and other resources anymore. This motivated me to do anything I can to help them to reduce hunger in this place.
Mateo, Y10

Attending the session made me more aware of the situation in Madagascar and the daily struggle of many children with malnutrition. It made me realise the importance of the run and motivated me to take action on the issue. 
Giulia, Y11

The presentation made me realize how lucky I am to live in a country like Italy which fortunately guarantees food and water to everyone. Learning about how tough life in Madagascar is, motivated me to take part in the 'Race Against Hunger’ as I am willing to help unluckier people around the world.
Matteo, Y11

The session helped me to understand how other countries and people struggle compared to other wealthier countries. Therefore, this encouraged me to take part in ‘Run Against Hunger’ to contribute in the battle against poverty.
- Jari, Y11

The session made me realise a lot of things, especially how grateful I am to have everything that I have. After I heard the presentation I felt motivated to take part in the ‘run against hunger’ especially after the video we watched where there were families starving and children suffering from malnourishment. I’m happy to take part.
Giada, Y10

This experience made me realise that I’m very fortunate to actually have food and drinkable water unlike some less fortunate people and I’m also happy to help people that are in need. 
Edoardo, Y10

A special thanks goes to our Malagasy student - Itokiana in year 9 - who contributed to each session to help his fellow students to better understand his country.

We cannot wait to start training for the race that will take place on April 14th.
In the mean time... watch this space!

Mrs Valiserra
''Southlands' Race Against Hunger'' Coordinator

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