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Sun safety in Key Stage 1 with a fantastic Southlands Mum!

This week one of our school parents, Lauren Cheshire, spoke to Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2 about sun safety and skin protection as we come into the hot summer. They explored the colours of light and invisible UV rays, what the sun does to our skin and how to “Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide and Seek” to protect everyone’s skin, particularly between 11am – 3pm.

If you are also interested to talk about with your children there is a good story on You Tube. And a great video to help explain to children how sun screen blocks the sun’s UV rays and convince them to wear it.

It would be great if children could bring a tube or roll on sunscreen with them in their school bags, so they can re-apply sun screen before the lunch break in the midday sun, and after school if they are playing or doing activities outside.

A message from Lauren:

"You will see some of our children wearing new broad brimmed school hats that were brought from Australia. Lauren has so far only managed to bring some as its winter in Australia and summer school uniforms are not in the shops. However, she is trying to bring some more. You will see Ryder and Lauren standing outside in the drop off line with a flyer, if you would like to indicate interest in a hat and which size. They will be flown over in mid-August so ready for the new school year in September. Happy Summer!"

We are incredibly grateful to Lauren for sharing her wisdom and her generous offer to help source hats to keep more of our Southlands community safe in the sun. If you would like to run a parent workshop, please get in touch. 

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