5 - 10 Years Old

The Primary School aims to be a purposeful and caring community in which children feel content, confident and happy to learn.

Prime importance is given to developing reading and writing and mathematical skills. Independent learning is encouraged, together with the ability to co-operate and work in groups. Projects often involve the use of resources outside the classroom and there are frequent local trips within the school programme.

Creativity and practical skills are encouraged through Drama, Music and a variety of Art and Craft Work.

Children from Year 5 upwards are taught French, Italian, Music, Science and Physical Education by specialist staff. Regular monitoring of each child’s progress ensures that any difficulties arising are dealt with at an early stage.

We keep in close contact with parents and involve them in our many activities. There is full implementation of the British National Curriculum, including testing at seven and eleven.

We have a caring and committed staff and after-school activities. We are attentive to individual health and dietary needs.

From their time in the Junior School, children gain confidence and social ease, while they learn to take responsibility for their work and progress. Close liaison with the Senior School helps to ensure a smooth transition at eleven.

Italian pupils are offered preparation for their Scuola Elementare State Examinations.

KEY STAGE 1 | 5-6 Years old


KEY STAGE 2 | 7-10 Years old