Below you will find all the necessary forms (editable PDF) and procedures for enrolling.

To find out in which class your child will be placed and what the fees for this class are please see Classes (drop-down menu Programmes) and Fees (drop-down menu Admissions).

Class placings run from 1st September to 31st August.

The Enrolment form is required to place new applicants and children already registered at the school in the correct class and must be fully completed together with the Privacy Declaration Form and Health form.
Application forms must be signed by both parents/ guardians and, if necessary, the 3rd party.

We require ID indicating your child'/ren's exact name and DOB. In addition, we request photographic ID and CF/tax code for each parent/guardian/3rd party.

The Health form helps the school understand each child's family/medical history and is essential if we need to contact the family in an emergency or provide medical assistance. Please complete a separate form for each child. The school should be immediately informed if there are any changes in your contact details.

The Transport service request form should be completed and signed in the spaces provided if you require this service, indicating clearly the pick up/drop off address.

The Leavers form should be completed if you wish to inform Southlands Srl that your son/daughter will not be returning in September 2018.

The "Information for Parents" packs provide all the necessary information on Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.
To download "Information for Parents" packs, please go to the drop-down menu Information for Parents.

Please download the forms (editable PDF) you require, compile them and fax/e-mail them to the school. The school reserves the right to refuse an admission request or a transport service request. For more information please contact us.