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After School Activities

Every year Southlands offers a wide range of Extra Curricular Activities providing children with opportunities for physical activity, teamwork, creativity and much more.

This year, for the first time, Southlands opens its courses to external children.

Bring your friends, come and enjoy our activities all together!

Our After School Activities include:

Football Club: Learn skills, play and represent Southlands in the RISA League.

Mini Tennis Club: The perfect introduction, with the fun and energy of the "real" tennis.

Yoga: Enhance the mental and physical development of your child through this sport.

Mixed Sports Club: Try sports such as baseball, basketball, tag-rugby, athletics and more.

English Club for Beginners: Move the first steps in the world of the English language.

English Club Intermediate: Improve your fluency in English and develop your vocabulary.

Spanish Club for Beginners: Learn Spanish as a foreign language. Experience a new culture.

Chinese Club: Enter a world of opportunity, build your future and discover ancient traditions.

Piano Lessons: Individual lessons will let you have the ABSRM International Certificate!

Guitar Club: Give your child the chance to "strum", from simple chord progressions to intuitive scales and much more.

NACE Music Preparation Club: Get ready for the NACE International Music Festival!

Art Attack: Develop drawing and painting skills and enjoy arts and crafts activities.

Drama Club: Discover the English language through different experiences and activities.

Kumon Mathematics: It gives student the tools to enjoy learning, helping them to feel confident to tackle the challenging world.

Courses are held on different days of the week from 3.45 pm to 4.45 pm.

For further information, please contact the School Office.