“What I really enjoyed about Paris was the Louvre.  We saw many famous paintings and sculptures.  My favourite painting was the Mona Lisa because it was the first time I saw it and I was very surprised by how nice it was.” – Samy Z.
“I really enjoyed our trip to Paris.  I think it was wonderful how the teachers trusted us every day and helped us have fun whilst learning.  I would love to go again!” – Elena M.


“The concentration camp was very educational and gave us a view of how hard life was under the Nazis”
“Bowling was enjoyable”
“The trip should be longer as on day two there was too much walking”


“The best experience on the Barcelona trip was certainly visiting the Cosmo Caixa Museum. It was a fun way to learn new things. Port Aventura was very funny and in a way educational because at the end we discussed forces.”  –  Vittoria M
“I really enjoyed the Camp Nou experience because I saw lots of new things about Barcelona football team. I also enjoyed the Science museum because it is not boring like other museums. Lastly I enjoyed the last day where we saw houses made by Gaudi.” –   Oscar C


“Extremely entertaining theatre shows and educational theatre workshops.  Would totally repeat this trip again!” – Francesco S.
“It was a very interesting trip and I had a lot of fun.  The play that I enjoyed the most was Kinky Boots!”  – Leonardo W
“The London trip has been a unique experience.  I had a really good time visiting the city and the amazing drama workshops made this trip educational.” – Julia T
“I found the London trip to be entertaining due to the multiple theatre shows, but also educational because of the Drama workshops.” – Martina C


“The most educational experience for me was visiting the Great Wall because it has taught me the efforts of the Chinese people and it encourages me to believe in myself.” – Cristian Wang
“The Acrobatic and King Fu showed how rich the culture of China is and highlighted the importance of peace and harmony.” – Mykyta Verkhovtsev
“The dumpling making in the Hutong family house gave me the opportunity to understand how other people belonging to a different culture live.” – Camilla C